Document Root on Sub-Domains.


It would be nice to be able to change the document root on sub-domains in virtualmin. I beleive they form as sub-servers under a domains directory of the home dir.

It would be nice to have an option to just route it inside a directory of public_html

e.g ----> route to public_html/forums of

I like the sub-server setting which is on a seperate folder, but in some cases It would be convenient to just put a folder name.

Hey Faisal,

This is probably relatively easy to implement…but it might have some ornery side effects with regard to cgi-bins and such. But maybe not.

Feel free to file a wish in the bug-tracker to this effect, and I bet Jamie will whip something up in a not-too-distant release.

Another nifty addition to this train of thought would be the ability to install Script Installers scripts into a subdomain rather than a path. So, phpBB could be installed to run on “forums.domain.tld” for example. That’d be pretty slick, I think.