Do We Need to Upgrade Apache?

We are running Virtual Min on CentoOS5.

Our current version of Apache is 2.2.3 and would be, if we installed the Virtual Min Package available updates


But, if you go to the Apache site they are referring to 2.2.17 a the latest “best” version.

This is confusing… the version number appears to be that to be an “earlier” version than the one we are using.

Can someone clarify?




Linux distributions don’t update to the latest version of every package. They ship a specific version of an application (such as Apache), and they continue to use that version for the life of that distribution.

Distribution vendors backport bug and security fixes into the version of the application that they’re shipping.

So, whatever version of Apache you’re seeing as available – that’s the most recent version available on CentOS, and contains all the bug and security fixes as provided by CentOS :slight_smile:


Thank you for that useful understanding. I think then I can simply trust in Virtual Min’s package updates when it comes to Apache. Sweet.