Do i need to install webmin before virtualmin

Do i need to install webmin
before virtualmin

My requirements- I want to run 3 different websites(domains) on a VPS with wordpress and cloudfare dns. So what do I need webmin or virtualmin…
I saw a youtube video where that guy installed Virtualmin GPL for linux directly.
I read somewhere that virtualmin is a module of webmin and cant work without webmin so do you have to install webmin first.

Well, you could… but it would not be a “standard install”. But, if this is a test-bed server and not for production use, go ahead.

(virtualmin is a webmin module, but the installs it all nicely)

THAT SAID… if this is a production server should follow the recommended standard install procedures so you don’t have strange issues to deal with later.

  1. install a MINIMAL system (format, core system, sshd, full update)
  2. use a current to install the system

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P.S. I am just a virtualmin user, not official tech support.

Yup, everything jimdunn said is excellent advice :slight_smile:

Yeah, we’d recommend the script if possible – it handles everything for you! That’s available in the “Download” link above.


Legion Commander,

Do i need to install webmin
before virtualmin

Short Answer: No - It is highly recommended that you use the automated installer package, which includes webmin/usermin install package.

However, if you wish to have practice installing all the required dependencies (listed in the dependencies section of the manual install guide listed below), then sure you can go ahead and do a manual install.

The following are excerpts from the Installation guides page, which can be found at

Installation Guides

Virtualmin can be installed in a number of ways, …sniped… We strongly recommend that you use the automated install script to install Virtualmin, if at all possible.

Manual Installation - Installation of Virtualmin and related packages manually. This method is time-consuming, and requires a high level of technical experience. This is not recommended, except in cases where the automated installation is inappropriate or impossible.

The manual installation guide can be found at

FYI - I am just a gpl version user, not affiliated with tech support or the devs.