Do i need suexec?


i gave virtualmin a shot because i wanted to get away from isp-config, since isp-config relies on suexec, which gives me a hard time by installing a specific kind of software. I have all the times bunches of problems with rights and permissions; and on a different server, where i run apache without suexec don’t see them anymore. Furthermore, i am using a perl software solution which heavily relies on symlinks, which won’t work too, with suexec.

Any chance running virtualmin without suexec and without installing everything manually?

I went through manual install (because the other server already had webmin installed and i chose to use the deb package for the ubuntu 10.04LTS i am using for all servers.

Interestingly, i found some caveats by using the install script:

  1. If you do not specify your hostname with the -host option, it will install virtualmin Pro
  2. If you change the naming scheme in your template for the mail/ftp user to “name@domain”, you will have to restart postfix afterwards, otherwise it won’t find the correct saslauthd flag (-r) which will be set automatically in /etc/default.
  3. if you bring in your own ssl certs/keys, you can either upload them using server configuration->Manage SSL Certificates or upload them in your filesystem overwriting, or even better, renaming the existing ones.
  4. You might need a CA certificate, which you will install in the CA certificate Tab. Since you can only upload one of them, i’d suggest using an intermediate Class 1 or Class 2 certificate, your trusted certification authority will provide for you.
  5. I was searching in various folders and .conf files, to add them to postfix/dovecot, just to find out, that, if you have just copied your server certificate and private key in your home folder, like me, they show up in server configuration-> Manage SSL Certificates, and then are availble to copy them over to webmin/usermin/postfix/dovecot etc.
  6. If you use SSL certificates in postfix/dovecot; you will have to setup your outlook like this:
    Imap SSL Port 993
    SMTP SSL Port465
    SPA on
    Use same credentials for SMTP authorisation


Any chance running virtualmin without suexec and without installing everything manually?

Well, although Virtualmin does install and configure suexec, and uses it by default – you certainly don’t need to use it.

You can disable suexec, and for PHP apps, you can use mod_php instead of executing apps via CGI/FCGID.

In System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, you can uncheck “Automatically add appropriate SuExec directive”.

Also, towards the bottom of that screen, you can edit “Default PHP execution mode”, and set that to mod_php.


this is a lifesaver; bedause i spent tons of hours, getting the software to work under suexec, which didn’t work out at all, so this helps a lot.

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

Btw: When i install virtualmin manually, it looks like it doesn’t have saslauthd installed, that seems to be the reason why i had so much problems with emails.


I can only use one virtual ftp server per IP, right? But i can create ftp accounts for a virtual server w/o problems, but the setting in System Settings -> Limits & validation -> ftp directory restrictions only works for virtual servers, if i have proftpd active in features/plugins and in the according virtual server.

Now i am wondering, whether there is a workaround to restrict the ftp users of the virtual server to stay in their home or in the homedirectory of the virtual server, without having to enable FTP for a virtual server.

Thanks for help