Do I need dovecot, Postfix and SPAMAssassin on a VPS with no mail server (saving resources)

Debian10, MariaDB

Hello (again) :wink:

On a single domain VPS where I don’t manage any mail server or mailboxes (I just need the usual sendmail so my CMS is able to send notifications). During the Virtual server creation I unchecked(disabled):

  • Mail for domain enabled
  • Spam filtering enabled
  • Virus filtering enabled

Still I see some mail servers running:

  • Postfix Mail Server
  • Dovecot IMAP / POP3 Server
  • SpamAssassin Filter Server

Do I really need them and is it dafe to turn them off ?
Can it be “permanent” so they stay off if the server restart ?


Dovecot and Postfix are installed and running on the server whether you enable them on your virtual server or not.

You can disable them in Webmin/System/Boot Up and Shutdown

Simply shut them down and uncheck the “start on startup” and they’re disabled.

Thank you for confirming me this. :pray:

Have a nice day

Postfix may be useful for sending email from apps or system notifications.

Dovecot and SpamAssassin do not need to be running on a system that is not receiving or processing mail.

Great, thanks for your reply Joe ! (I will pass the word)

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