Do I need a cname record in my dns

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I have a question about CNAME. Because my DNS works without an CNAME It’s obvious that it’s not absolutely necessary to place one in the DNS records. But is it desireable to have one? If so, where do I get the content for the CNAME?

If I need one then I’d like to know how to make one. I’ve entered them into the DNS record for Amazon so that it identifies my server and I’ve also entered them in for SendGrid so I know how to enter them when I get the information from another server. I was kind of thinking that using other servers in combination with mine may actually be the function of this type of record so BIND actually does the job of the CNAME internally.

I’d like to understand it better… and to use it if there is an advantage!

Dan Lewis


A CNAME is an alias record. So using your example, when SendGrid asks you to add a CNAME it’s because they are hosting the A record you are aliasing.

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Got it! That’s what I thought. So unless you’re using a service like SendGrid or Amazon SES where you’re using a proxy in place of your physical server then you don’t need a CNAME

Dan Lewis


No, that’s just one use of a CNAME. A lot of people also use a CNAME for things like “” pointing to “”.

I use a CNAME record to point my customers DKIM record to the master DKIM record for the server they are hosted on since it’s easier.

Lots of useful uses for CNAME records.

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