Do i have a server running?

OS type and version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

Hi, a few days ago I created a mail server and then removed it.
If I go to the servers list it tells me that I don’t have any, but if i try to setup a new one, i get as answer that server already exist.
" Failed to create virtual server : AWStats reporting is already enabled for this domain"
List of virtual servers:
No virtual servers have been created yet.

Based on the system’s licence, 10 additional servers can be added.

nowhere near enough information to help, basic OS & webmin/virtualmin details would be useful.
please explain how you

did this ?

Hello, Debian 12 Bookworm and Virtualmin version: 7.9.0.gpl-1
I mean i removerd Virtualmin and then i installed again.

did you reinstall on a fresh OS ? if not I would guess this is where the problem lies, virtualmin still has some existing data from the first install. why did you uninstall virtualmin ?

I unistalled Virtualmin bc i was not sure if was the right choise for me, then I changed my mind and installed it again. I did nothing in my system, just installed again server.

there is your problem I guess old data still on your system … have a look in /home and see if there is any user folders there. It could be the case the domain you are trying to create is still there. The best way out of this is to reinstall Debian 12 Bookworm and start again as you may get over this problem only to be presented with another.

Solved, was AWSstat checking :smiley:

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