Do Citrix XenServer supported in cloudmin as hosting platform?

I suppose you find all the answeres here:

I think it should not be the bigest thing to support XenServer which would be completelly awesome.

I am eager for this release. The day it comes out supporting xenserver is the day we buy :-).

We hope it’s soon :slight_smile:

I’ve got a test environment setup for XenSource now, and I expect that the 4.3 Cloudmin release will include support for it…


I wanted to know if you have a timeline for getting a copy of 4.3 for testing?


Can we get some indication / time line for XenServer support?

If there is some sort of road block, please let us know - so that as a user base we might be able to help you overcome the issues.

I purchased a licence to trial, (foolishly) making the assumption that support for Xen would extend to the Citrix flavor. I am looking forward to it’s availability.

Cheers, Troy

I’m making good progress on this - currently it possible to manage existing Xen VMs (reboot, shutdown, edit CPU / RAM, access the console, etc), but not create new VMs.

I would estimate a week or two more till it is done.

Very exciting news!!! We can’t thank you enough for this, Jamie :slight_smile:

Any new update?

Almost all of the code for this is done - if anyone is interested in beta testing the new version, please let me know via email at

Any updates ? Is it available now ?


Will this do what you’re after:

Yes, the regular version of Cloudmin now includes Citrix Xen / XenSource support.

Any new better Updates.
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