Do Citrix XenServer supported in cloudmin as hosting platform?

Do Citrix XenServer supported in cloudmin as hosting platform?
I mean can i install cloudmin on citrix xenserver and manage guest VM’s

Thanks in advance

My Cloudmin runs fine from a Citrix XenServer Guest - unfortunattly you cant manage Citrix XenServer from within cloudmin - at least i couldnt :slight_smile:


Yeah, xps is correct – the various Citrix products can’t be managed by Cloudmin at the moment, but you can certainly install Cloudmin in a guest.

However, if there’s ever something you want, make sure you tell us – support is added for new technologies based on what we think folks are interested in.

So if the ability to manage Citrix guests using Cloudmin is something you’d like, make sure you pop a note somewhere mentioning that! :slight_smile: It won’t happen overnight or anything, but that will help prioritize development.



note… :slight_smile:

Well, the thing is that using XenCenter binds you to use windows as well plus i think their ‘security’ is very low because you cant use the normal technics to make your root account secure.
So we needed to do it in another place - but we have a couple Citrix XenServer and i think as it now is free - there will be some more seen soon over the net :slight_smile:

I like the XenCenter feature. I also use AWBS as my billing system. They have recently added a module for Cloudmin which is fantastic. I would, however, love to be able to use Cloudmin to manage Citrix XenServer and guest OS’ just because XenServer has worked very well for us. We are slowly moving away from Xen Opensource.

I would even pay to have this feature support added. At the moment, we are not taking advantage of the Cloudmin module within AWBS simply because we run Citrix XenServer. If Cloudmin supported Citrix XenServer, we would migrate the rest of the systems but since it’s not that way, we have to stick with some (old) systems running xen opensource and others running Citrix XenServer.

The bad thing is that we are having to manually create each server that runs under XenServer.

I am praying to see this new implementation. If not, can this be something I can pay to have done even if it’s the gateway to having it available to everyone else as an update?

We haven’t looked into supporting XenServer yet, but from what I’ve read it should be relatively simple, assuming it is close to open source Xen.

If you were to give us access to a system running XenServer, I could likely add support for it to Cloudmin in a matter of days. If that is possible, please email at at

this would be interesting. I have been looking at citrix xenserver and have it ready for deployment.


Very cool!! I have a current server testing some Citrix Apps so the server is running a few VM’s but it’s all at my home doing some testing. I will gladly give you access to this system and have you test whatever you need on this server freely. I will email you the information tonight to get the ball rolling!!!

Thanks so muchhhhhh for looking into this :slight_smile:


We would love to have the same thing, one web portal, we could have many customers manage their XenServer VMs that would be at various client locations, as these XenServers will be deployed at their client site.

We would be willing to give you access to a demo XenServer to get this accomplished.

I also gave Jamie access and the modification is a bit involved since XenServer has a mix of Xensource and KVM. Hopefully he and his team can work out something for us in the future. Lets see what happens.

I would also be in support of this functionality and have alot of engineering contacts at Citrix that could offer any suggestions or help with coding a interface. Please reach out to me directly for support of this effort:

Chris Chandler
(919) 274-7684

PS - We would also offer a test environment for testing.

I just attended a presentation by one of the XenSource guys, and he said that the xe command API will be what they are supporting in future for, as will have more functions that the Xen open-source xm command. So support for this will be coming real soon in Cloudmin …

Hi Jamie, Im super excited about XenServer support, any update on when it will be available?

FWIW - The day this is available is the day Im on board with Cloudmin.

Still a couple of weeks off … I need to do a bunch of research into their API first.

Hi Jamie,

This sounds like a great new feature and I would like to see XENServer being added. Just as matter of interest, as part of our current planning, would we need to install XenServer on a separate servers(s) and CloudMin on another server, and then control XenServer from Cloudmin?

Just a note - i wrote bullsh*i:

“i think their ‘security’ is very low because you cant use the normal technics to make your root account secure.”

This is wrong cause i made a wrong consideration. You CAN use common technics to secure your root account - all Console connections are done via https.
My apologize.

XenServer would be treated like any other virtualization type managed by Cloudmin, so you could either use it to manage separate server(s), or have Cloudmin running on the same machine that will host your XenServer guests.

Hi Jamie,

XenServer ISO needs to be burned on on CD and installed onto a new system, so it can’t really run on an existing Linux server.

But, what I don’t understand is, how will CloudMin control it? i.e. will CloudMin install Webmin on the XenServer as well, or just make an SSH connection to the XenServer?

It will connect to the XenServer machine via SSH…