DNS zones not added to Bind when creating a new domain

Hi there,

I recently saw that the Virtualmin Script now supports 18.04 so i downloaded and installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a clean system and installed Virtualmin / Webmin via the install script.

Installation went find however DNS zones for domains were not being added to BIND and therefore my DNS wasnt working and websites not showing.

Decided to try 16.04 and same thing im a little confused Ive installed so many times and never had an issue what am I missing.

If i try to add the DNS record manually it tells me it already exsists, I can view the records from within the domain account, server configuration and then DNS records.

However i much prfer to work with them when there inside the BIND DNS server settings.

Im so confused.

Any help is appreciated.

the server to which you’re installing this has a public ip right, or is it behind a NAT?

what IP does it have? same as the domain u’re using? DNS records show what?

what’s the exact error you get?

Yes I have a static IP address, I dont get any errors when i connect to the server using the IP address everything is fine however when adding a domain name the DNS zone does not get added to bind. If i try to create them it tells me they already exsist. I am not able to view the DNS records from within Virtualmin

If i search the nameservers it tells me that they did not respond. Im going to remove and start again from scratch this has never happend before im going to see if I did something wrong and start again.

Im just a little confused as to why my DNS zone is not being added and viewable from within the BIND Dns server

You can’t access via Webmin (not Virtualmin!): Servers, BINDS DNS Server and see the zones?

Sorry thats what I meant new domains do not add new zones to the BIND DNS server from within Webmin / Bind DNS Server. I cannot see the record or modify the record from within that page however they exsist in /var/lib/bind/mydomain.com.hosts.

I have since restarted everything reinstalled. started again from scratch and the problem still exsists. although the server is working and is visible via the internet both internal and external its a little annoying that I have to modify the contents of the physical file from within /var/lib/bind to make alterations to the zone file.

Mail is working server is working I guess its something I will just have to live with for now but thanks for the help.

I know this is a bit of an old thread but anyone else having this issue I found a fix.

If your servers hostname is example.com and you created a virtual or restored example.com but the dns record does not appear in webmin > servers > bind and you restored or created more virtuals and they do not appear either and you try to create them but it says they already exist then:

open /var/lib/bind look for example.com.hosts and open it with your sftp editor, copy the entries then delete the file.
Go to webmin > servers > bind and create master zone example.com
It now appears as a record, edit it and paste the entries in, save it and now you should see all of the zones listed.

I don’t know why this happens but I’ve migrated my sites 3 times in the last 6 months and everytime I have had to delete the /var/lib/bind/example.com.hosts and recreate it to get all the records to show up.


I am having te very same problem, Webmin 1.941 and Virtualmin 6.08.
I have been working with Virtualmin for a few years now and I never ended up with such problem.
The newly created virtual server doesn’t show in Bind9 (with the DNS domain enabled). If I try to enter the domain manually in bind, I get a message that the zone already exist.
If I do tests whit tools like DNS Stuff tool box, I get “Domain has no WWW hostname record” and “The domain literal has no address records” all tough everything seems to work normally locally and from the web.
The only way that I could make the newly created domain into Bind is to Cluster Save with another server, than the zone appears in Bind of the newly created domain.

Hope that the details are clear enough, this is a backup server for me, I don’t trust that Bind9 is working like it should even if all setups are identical to the other servers that I use.


Carol07 although mine did not show up inside the BIND9 DNS functions still did work however the only way I was able to edit records was from inside the domain name itself.

I dont run virtualmin anymore so I cant be sure of the exact location but from withint the domain under settings the option DNS Records are where you can manually edit those files and add records,

I was never able to get those records to show in the Bind DNS server again

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