DNS Zones are not showing in list and system thinks they not exists

I am getting error:

Neither DNS zone example.com or any of its sub-domains exist on this system.

when I am trying to request wildcard certificate for my virtual server. I have BIND9 enabled and working: https://imgur.com/UTWcUti

On screenshot https://imgur.com/pRjdvJS you can see that no DNS zones are showing (just default ones), so thats why I am getting this error.

But if you check next screenshot you can see there actually is zone: https://imgur.com/IStW4IL

I am not able to DNS validate my domain because of that.

You may need to configure the BIND Webmin module to use your paths.

Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server. Click on the little gear icon at the top left.

how to configure that?

I have some problem in bind dns zone.

I created virtual server , and i check i bind dns zone that domain is not listed in the list.
What should i do here?

Same problem here… Have you resolved?

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