DNS Zone


just configured Virtualmin with couple of web sites “Virtual Servers” where each Virtual Server have its web site, www, ftp, mail etc… full hosting packages…

But for one of these domains, I will point the DNS zones to another server out on the internet instead of this one where I am running Virtualmin, however this is quite easy step, just change the DNS records to point to another web server, and same for MX and other records etc…

The issue is once I did this I got a “warning” message from Virtualmin that DNS ZONE points to the wrong ip address and it should point on to Virtualmin outside address where this server is actually installed.

I assume that we can just “ignore” this error as it will work, I also tried to restart the BIND and it worked with no errors…

also run a nslookup test etc… everything works just fine

hope that I can keep it this way or is there something I have to care about ??

Thank You
Best regards

It sounds like it’s just warning you that it doesn’t know the IP address you have the DNS point to. However, if things are working as you’d like them to – that message is safe to ignore!


thank You Eric, I will try to ignore it, because I am thinking if this was something important than DNS BIND service would not start at all… so I`ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thank You again !