DNS Settings for NS Records and Multi IP's

Hi All,

I’m in need of some advice on how to set this up, as I’m totally confused at the moment.

I have two IP addresses (, and multi domains, some which are my personal domain names and others which are friends and families.

My main domain is to be used as a name server ns1.jsdomain.com and ns2.jsdomain.com

Now IP wise, I want all my websites on one ip address, and my friends and family websites on another ip address… but all share the same name server (above).

My www.jsdomain.com will point to my own IP (, and i have already set up
ns1.jsdomain.com >
ns2.jsdomain.com >

Now the question is, how do I go about getting my friends and family domain names to work on the other IP address using ns1/ns2.jsdomain.com as their name server?

I have tried using the name server already on a domain, and have the virtual server set up on, but I get an error on the name server settings and when I query it, it states there is “bad glue”

Bad Glue Detected
Parent server gave glue for ns1.jsdomain.com to be but we resolve that hostname to
Parent server gave glue for ns2.jsdomain.com to be but we resolve that hostname to

I suspect as the name server isnt correct, the domain name I have set the wont point to the correct IP address as when I query the domain it points to the old server IP address

This sound a bit too complex to venture guesses in the forum. :slight_smile:

I can offer to communicate via instant messenger, and take a look at your system myself (if you trust me with your root login).

Hi Locutus,

I would gladly talk you through it in more detail, but I wont be providing anyone but myself with my root details.

But basically i have a main domain I want to use as a name server domain (ns.1/2.jsdomain.com)

I have two IP addresses which I am going to split between the following websites

NS1.jsdomain.com. =
NS2.jsdomain.com =
jsdomain.com (this is what I have the ns domain also - but have a records to point to this IP)
friend domain2.com

I would like all domains (on both IP addresses) to have the nameserver ns1/ns2.jsdomain.com

I have managed to get jsdomain.com linked up and working fine under, website is functional and no error messages, but I have tried getting frienddomain1.com under, changed the name servers from my domain purchaser and I get an error message saying “check domain name server settings”, currently looking up the record I have 4 name servers on there at the moment, mine and the domain purchasers ns records.

My records are coming up with errors:
Local Parent Mismatch - Which is fine, as the ns servers for parent are my domain purchasers IP addresses, and local are mine (this should resolve once the settings are fine)

Servers are on Different Subnets - That is fine, as yes my servers are running on the same subnets

SOA Serial Numbers Match - Think this is because the new updated DNS settings haven’t propagated around the WWW

Yeah I can follow your explanations, yet to get a real picture, I’d need to see your server myself. Another alternative is Teamviewer.

Hi Locutus,

I already have teamviewer installed thankfully :slight_smile:

I have a meeting already set up

Sorry, it’s late in the evening here now. :slight_smile: I’d also need control capabilities and we should use an instant messenger. Please tell me your screen name for one, and I’ll ping you tomorrow!

Locutus, there is chat capabilities on Teamviewer… Just let me know