DNS Relay Issue

DNS Relay. I would like to be able to use Virtualmin as a school DNS server for all workstations to get their dns requests for things like www.google.com and other domains answered. Currently I can’t get it to answer to anything except defined domains. Is there another area I need to check. I have added the local subnet to the access lists. It was working then just stopped, not sure if we got an update that caused it not to work.


It’s possible that your DNS server is not configured to not allow “recursion”.

What distro/version are you using?


Yeah Eric is right, by default Virtualmin configures BIND to not allow recursive queries (which means queries for which BIND has to ask other nameservers) for everybody, for security reasons. Otherwise your BIND could easily be abused for Reflection DoS attacks and stuff like that.

To change that, you can go to Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server -> Zone Defaults and set “Allow queries from…” to “Listed…” and enter the IP range or your local network.

Don’t forget to click “Apply changes” in the top right after editing stuff. :slight_smile: (Even I often fall for that.)

Yes I checked that, I may have had that missconfigured