DNS Records NOT Propagating

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Good day evening.
My domain name is herbsofafrica.com
I am trying to update my DNS records using TXT type records.
I have actually configured DKIM, DMARC and SPF records, using the virtualmin interfaces. All of these mentioned records are showing to be ABSENT when I lookup my DNS records with tools like DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
I also tried to update the DNS records with just a TXT record of my own.
I can see the TXT record in the list of DNS records showing on Virtualmin, but its been 3days now, I still can’t find any of these records on dns checker or any other dns tools out there.
Please assist

Please read my last PM messages. You need to copy these entries from Virtualmin and enter them into Linode where your DNS is being handled…

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$ whois herbsofafrica.com|grep 'Name Server'
Name Server: ns1.linode.com 
Name Server: ns2.linode.com 
Name Server: ns3.linode.com 
Name Server: ns4.linode.com 

Your Virtualmin server is not your DNS server. Propagation has nothing to do with it. If you want Virtualmin to manage your DNS locally on the server, you need to delegate authority for your zone at your registrar with appropriate glue records.

If you are not managing DNS locally, you should disable the DNS Feature in Virtualmin so Virtualmin instead offers you a “Suggested Records” page you can copy/paste from instead of trying to manage them directly. You shouldn’t let Virtualmin believe it is responsible for DNS if it isn’t.


How do I achieve this? @Joe

Its documented

Who is your registrar?

I got the domain name from Hostinger
My server from Linode
I’m using Virtualmin to manage the server.

I don’t know which of these is called Register

Hostinger is your registrar. I just found the docs

Go down to where it says
Point a Domain to VPS Using Custom Nameservers

The child name servers you add like n1.herbsofafrica.com with the IP of you server
and do the same for n2.herbsofafrica.com using same IP. Thats should be whats in the DNS records on virtualmin

they must match

Once created you can use those 2 addresses as your nameservers instead of ns1.linode.com
ns2.linode.com ns3.linode.com and ns4.linode.com

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Surely the name servers will not be dispersed ,if you use the same ip address ? Meaning if bind goes down your dns records just disappear. A better option is to setup bind on 2 different servers with different ip addresses and locations so if nameserver a goes down you still have nameserver b to fall back on… IDK but using the described method insures you may have a dns server running all the time

Other users have said it ok, If Virtualmin is down its down, a secondary won’t help

pretty sure this is said here

Add A - IPv4 Address records for ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com, pointing to your server’s IP addresses.
Maybe not, not sure
And the DNS sets it up as the same IP.
Plus how else can you do it with one virtualmin?

I think I have seen this done at a registrar (Porkbun) where they use different nameservers as their defaults.

It failed for me when bind went down but webmin virtualmin apache mysql was still up and running, are you saying if virtualmin/webmin stops all the other services stop ? Or something else ? Or if bind stops everything else stops with it ?

Maybe I’ve been lucky over the years and never had a bind issue.
I do use vultr dns for most of my virtual server, but I do run one with ns1 and ns2 point to the one IP.

But I can’t see how he can run a secondary unless he has 2 servers otherwise he will need to run external service.

That is the point if you rely on one bind instance there is the point if bind goes down and stays down after ttl has expired everything is gone … even though the other services are running. I guess you have been lucky I have not, learnt the dns dispersal is the only safe way to do it, look at your registrars name servers they will be dispersed

20 years of good luck :slight_smile:

15 years of bad luck

What I have learnt from all your replies is that I shouldn’t make virtualmin the main DNS. I will just copy whatever records I generate from Virtualmin to the Linode.
It looks like that is the simplest thing to do right now

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Yes if you are not sure on how dns works exactly and you don’t have 2 independent bind servers that is definitely the best way to go, a bit more work but safe


If your doing that disable DNS on the virtual servers(s) and its will create suggested records you can copy.


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