DNS propagation

OS type and version DEBIAN 12
Virtualmin version 7.8.2

hello! I installed virtualmin yesterday with all the features and without errors (I believe it) So the DNS servers are not yet propagated. Any ideas?

Have you delegated authority for your zones to the Virtualmin server (and hopefully a secondary DNS server that is configured as a slave of the Virtualmin server?

You have to tell the world that your server(s) is authoritative for your zone(s), and you do that with glue records at your registrar. It usually only takes a few minutes to a few hours to propagate (but propagation doesn’t come into play until you create those glue records).

That’s my configuration.

Did you register server names at registrar?
Like here. Glue them to your virtualmin IP. You may like to use ns1.yourdomain.com rather the host1.yourdomain.com like you have configured. What you glue should match that.

Uh! I feel like a fool, the domain has expired, I have to pay for it. Sorry for wasting your time JOe. Be fine

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I can’t find any evidence that your domain name bitinformatica.com.py is actually registered, but that may be the Paraguay domain registrar not working properly.

# whois bitinformatica.com.py
This TLD has no whois server, but you can access the whois database at

From whois.com

Invalid domain name…

We are unable to perform a lookup for bitinformatica.com.py. It appears to be an invalid or unsupported domain.

If it doesn’t exist, then it can’t propagate - or anything really.

I think we all have done it.

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