DNS misunderstanding

I have virtualmin websites working now because I had the registrar A records pointing at my main host IP v4 and v6 with name vps74333.ovh.net.
It is a vps cloud from OVH: https://www.ovh.com/fr/vps/vps-cloud.xml
Based on a lamp install with debian7, also virtualmin was installed fresh with the script.

I also have ordered an extra v4 IP with the same name, this was pointed well from the registrar as well for the given sites with A records too and worked well with Virtualmin.
Apparently I can setup a secondary DNS too but not sure what it means yet.

So far so good until I needed to send / receive email.

I then wonder what would happen? Do I deal with OVH main IP name: vps74333.ovh.net and put ns1 and ns2 before it or do I create some name servers for each new site I create in virtualmin :
(in which case would I need to set a virtualmin template for this?)

The main reason I do this is to be able to have my own MAIL SERVER with virtualmin. Is it correct to assume I need to transfer the DNS for that?


Also, to resume, should I tell namecheap (my registrar) to point to host ns1 and ns2.mydomain.com for each domain, or should I point them to ns1 and ns2.vps74333.ovh.net ?


In regards to DNS – you don’t need to do anything differently for having a mail server, than you do for having a website.

So if your website works with the way DNS is currently configured, so can email. You don’t need to move DNS for that to work.

Where are you saying your nameservers are currently pointed/hosted? Is that hosted at a third party, such as your registrar?

If so, you may just want to add an MX record to the DNS, and have that MX record point to the IP of your mail server. You would want to do that for each domain hosted on your server.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t move the DNS to your Virtualmin server, and host it there, I’m just saying you don’t need to. If you have a whole bunch of domains, it can become tedious to host it at a third party. But if you only have a few, and don’t anticipate adding a bunch of them, there’s no problem in hosting the DNS elsewhere.