DNS Issues

Ok can somebody please tell me whats going on here, I have namecheap i used there nameservers to point to ns1.power-gaming.win and ns2.power-gaming.winm, but for some reason after 48 hrs, i still cant get it to work, I use dig power-gaming.win and it comes back nothing to be found, also i tried dig @ns1.power-gaming.win power-gaming.win doesn’t work either.
Below here is what i got in my DNS Records.
Do I need to set it up differently?

$ttl 38400
@ IN SOA admin.power-gaming.win. root.power-gaming.win. (
38400 )
power-gaming.win. IN A
www.power-gaming.win. IN A
ftp.power-gaming.win. IN A
localhost.power-gaming.win. IN A
webmail.power-gaming.win. IN A
admin.power-gaming.win. IN A
mail.power-gaming.win. IN A
power-gaming.win. IN MX 5 mail.power-gaming.win.
@ IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx a:power-gaming.win ip4: ip6:fe80::f816:3eff:fe9f:fd58 ?all”
power-gaming.win. 3200s IN NS ns1.power-gaming.win.
power-gaming.win. 3200s IN NS ns2.power-gaming.win.
ns1.power-gaming.win. IN A
ns2.power-gaming.win. IN A

You have confused which DNS server is doing things. You either tell namecheap that your domain uses your dns server or you put all records on namecheaps dns server.

In the below code, these are namecheap dns servers not yours. Put your IP there for both ns1 and ns2 and tell namecheap your domain uses ns1.power-gaming.win and ns2.power-gaming.win as its NS1 and NS2. it will work as your own dns server. If you’re going to use namecheaps dns server, then virtulamin’s dns settings should not be used and should be disabled.

The below is wrong. It says those subdomains resolve to those IPs. Which they dont. Those are namecheaps DNS server IPs.

ns1.power-gaming.win. IN A
ns2.power-gaming.win. IN A

FYI, its easier to let virtualmin handle dns. If you use namecheap DNS, every dns change will have to be edited manually by you on namecheap site.

so you are saying that i was knocking heads with 2 DNS services? hehe I think i am getting to understand this a little. its either namecheap or my virtualmin to setup DNS, just not both of them at the sametime.

If I may add a bit of personal advice from experience, you may want to try to use cloudflare.

Even with everything turned off, they’re a help in terms of DNS, because they propagate DNS changes INSTANTLY to the internet.

Normally, you update your DNS settings in virtualmin and/or with your registrar, and it may take up between 1 hour and 24 hours for the rest of the world to propagate and remember the change, in the meanwhile you just have no certainty as to who will see the old or the new DNS results.

But if you’re with cloudflare, your registrar knows the cloudflare DNS numbers and they’ll never change anymore. While, on your end, if you tell Cloudflare “hey, I changed DNS entries, please load the new DNS when the rest of the world queries me”, the propagation will be instantaneous.

You see the idea? In the long term, I’ve found it to be one less source of stress and annoyance.
Just in case it helps :slight_smile: