DNS issues

I seem to have problems with a domain which I moved across to a new server.

through webin I see the config file has the following:
zone "parstrust.co.uk" {
type master;
file "/var/named/parstrust.co.uk.hosts";
allow-transfer {;

yet when I look for the hosts file I see it at

is this correct ?


recursive bit:
webmin - servers- bind dns server- Addresses and Topology- Allow recursive queries from- check listed and fill in localhost,
click save.
then go to Miscellaneous Options - Do full recursive lookups for clients? check yes.

Glue is adding A records to your host file.
webmin - servers- bind dns server- click the domain- add to Address Records
probably something like ns1.domain.com 111.222.333.444 (your IP)

seems to be a problem with the forum and selecting posts (re: DNS issues post already)

ronald, was your info aimed at me ?
if so I’ll try it.

thanks brian

Yeah, sounds like your named is running chrooted, that’s not a problem by itself.

What issue are you having? When you restart named, do any errors show up in the /var/log/messages log?

@duncanbbd, it was aimed at OP as I cant see your post…same title