DNS issue, MX Error - Email sending not working

OS type and version: centos 7
Webmin version: Latest
Virtualmin version: Latest
Related products version: Cloud-flare

I am using contabo server, after change the name-server of the server (new name server name is we.robotlancer. com), i think lots of problem arrived. main problem is our emails not working. I am using VPS, Cloudflare (i am using 2 domain gocloudo. com and robotlancer. com)

Online tools report - intoDNS: gocloudo.com - check DNS server and mail server health

PROBLEM? what i am actually doing wrong? what should be my MX record? i cant send emails. its bouncing back. then changed lots of things in server DNS options and cloudflare settings. may be i messed up?

SS from my Cloudflare

SS from my server DNS Screenshot-2021-11-10-at-08-49-26-gocloudo-com-DNS-Records-Webmin-1-981-Cent-OS-Linux-7-9-2009 — ImgBB

how to solve the DNS/MX issue?

In Cloudflare:

  1. create an A record - mail. Point this to your Virtualmin server’s IP address. From the screenshot I see you have an A record for mails (note, plural). You could keep this or delete it, it has no role in configuration of DNS for Virtualmin.

  2. kill both MX records that you have and create one MX record gocloudo.com mail.gocloudo.com 5

That should get incoming mail to work on your server.

Error is however hostname and/or reverse are not ok

The MX records that do not seem valid hostname:
This can cause problems

Take also care what is there in your contabo control panel.

now its saying - Oh well, I did not detect any MX records so you probably don’t have any and if you know you should have then they may be missing at your nameservers!

that’s actually i cant find and looking for some help/tips

For check Hostname see How to Set or Change Hostname in CentOS/RHEL 7/8

For set hostname look first or there is a virtualmin gui way to set if not right

Don’t do such things if not knowing enough about it!

I think you need to check your hostname for your server also check with your registar dns records to forward properly to cloudflare and then on cloudflare check if its properly linked to your server… with cloudflare you cannot host your own dns - every edit needs to be added manually… and if anything in any of those 3 ways get mistakes - nothing will give you resolution in error messages because of cloudflare so good luck there.

Missing MX records doesn’t necessarily mean you should be unable to send mail.
So these are two different issues to solve.

When using Cloudflare you can’t proxy the mail.domain, so remove the “orange cloud” from the mail A record.
And fix your MX record like mentioned by @calport.

For the sending troubles, please share an example bounce you got when trying to send an email.

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