DNS for domain alias

Hi People,

This should be easy but I just can’t get it right.

I host a website and domain say “domain.co.uk

Another company host the .com version (“domain.com”) which is where the customer collects their email.

The other company has set up a record for www.domain.com to point to my server. In order to resolve that I have added the .com alias domain to the domain.co.uk hosting on my server. That all works.

However, I need all email from the .co.uk domain to go to the .com domain which is hosted by the other company. No matter what combination of MX records etc I use, I can’t get this to work. I end up with mail loops or user unknown etc.

Could somebody please take pity and point me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading,

CentOS Linux 5.8
Webmin version 1.590
Virtualmin version 3.94 Pro


You could add an MX record like you did – but you’d want to make sure that the “Mail for Domain” feature isn’t enabled for your alias.

If Mail for Domain is enabled, your system will attempt to deliver the email locally, regardless of where the DNS MX record points.

You can disable the Mail for Domain option in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.


Eric, you are, of course absolutely correct.

It just had to be simple but I couldn’t see it. Guess I’m glad I didn’t take up bomb disposal.

I’ll go back to sitting quietly in the corner again.

Thanks again buddy. :o)