DNS, domains not responding on second NS

Hello everyone,

I have a VPS with 2 IP-addresses and have 2 FQDN (ns1,mydomain.com & ns2.mydomain.com) pointing to those IP-addresses.

I have installed Virtualmin & Webmin on my Debian server and everything works, until the request comes from NS2.mydomain.com. Then it just displays the page “Its working …”, the standard Apache installation page and not the the right domain page for a specific domain.

Under Virtualmin -> Server templates -> Default Settings -> BIND DNS domain i have added
ns1.mydomain.com under “Master DNS server hostname” and also added ns2.mydomain.com under “Additional manually configured nameservers” and “Add nameserver record for this system” is checked.

But it does not work? Any suggestion?


Is there a domain you can provide for testing?

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My first assumption would be that ns2.mydomain.com returns the second IP address for the hostnames, and the Apache virtual hosts are not configured for those. It will then serve the alphabetically first virtual host instead.

You can verify that by going to “Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Webserver” and see if the virtual hosts have your first IP listed. Then do “dig webdomain.tld @ns2.mydomain.com” and see what IP it returns.

If that’s not the issue, then like Peter said, we’d need some testing material. :slight_smile:

Locutus I think you are right but, hot to fix that?

The nameservers are:

When I run the cmd “dig tivendos.com @ns2.empirio.no” i got this respond:

tivendos.com. 38400 IN A
tivendos.com. 38400 IN NS ns1.empirio.no.
tivendos.com. 38400 IN NS ns2.empirio.no.

Every other domain is configured with this ip:

I have added both IP-s under Apache Global Configuration -> Networking and Addresses -> Addresses for name virtual servers:

But it didn’t help! Any suggestion on how to fix this, so the apache does listen on both IP-s?

Any help?!

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