DNS and email. Are they created automatically?

I’m assuming to install Virtualmin for my own use only.
I would like to create a domain to transfer an existing Joomla website and its subdomains.
I would like to create some mailboxes for this domain; my personal one and some service ones such as tests, support, alerts, etc.
I would then use them with Roundcube and Thunderbird.

Today I’m using Plesk which I’m going to abandon.
All I now need to do is configure the DNS (A, MX, www, mail, webmail records) to point to the IP address of the Plesk server. Then I create the boxes and I’m already operational.
Will this also be the case with Virtualmin?

If I want to leave the entire DNS management to Virtualmin, what should I do? On my ISP control panel I can define who the new name server will be, but how will I define it in Virtualmin?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Virtualmin can manage DNS, of course. But, it sounds like you’re not managing DNS with your Plesk server (if you’re creating all these A records to point to the Plesk server, then Plesk isn’t managing DNS), so you’re asking for different behavior from what you’re doing with Plesk, if I understand the question.

I continue to not understand the question.

Virtualmin defaults to setting up a DNS zone for new domains created in Virtualmin. If you want to host DNS on the Virtualmin server, you don’t do anything…that’s the default. As long as glue records at your registrar are correctly pointed to your Virtualmin server (and its DNS secondary server, ideally). If you want to do what you’re doing with Plesk, managing DNS on some third-party DNS servers (whether at your registrar or ISP or whatever), then you’d disable the DNS feature, and Virtualmin will provide example records for you to create on the DNS server you are using.

To allow Virtualmin to manage DNS on the server itself, you’d change the glue records (sometimes just called “name servers” at some registrars) to point to your Virtualmin server and ideally your secondary DNS server.

Also, of course Virtualmin handles mail users. And, provides an installer for Roundcube, but we also provide Usermin web mail client, which has some nice integrations with Virtualmin.

I feel like you haven’t even tried Virtualmin, yet? Maybe that’s the first step? Just install it and poke around, or read the install docs, or watch a couple of intro videos.

I usually use Webmin while I have never used Usermin, but I know what this is.
I used Virtualmin years ago and only for a few weeks, but that was only for testing on domains and subdomains.
In Plesk I don’t use DNS. All domains and subdomains are managed in the ISP’s DNS panel and point to the Plesk server IP. MX records also point to the Plesk server.
I now have two options: the first is to simply replace Plesk with Virtualmin and leave the domains in the ISP’s DNS panel modified so that they now point to the new IP address; the second option is to no longer use the ISP panel even for DNS. In this case I have to go to this panel again and say that the domain purchased from them will be managed by a new name server.
However, this will have to have an additional domain name and therefore I will have to register it on another ISP.
Or am I wrong?

Typically, domain registrars don’t restrict users to use specific services.

Creating a glue record at your domain’s registrar and pointing it to your new Virtualmin system is best. Once done, everything in Virtualmin will function automatically, meaning you won’t need to manually add DNS records or worry about anything else.

I don’t understand what your ISP has to do with domain names.

In ISP1 I have the domain XYZ.tld and in the DNS on ISP1 I have the A and MX records pointing to the server IP 123.456.789.10.
If I move the server to ISP2, I just need to change the two records to new IP adress: 109.876.543.21.
If I move the domain to ISP2, it will be in its DNS that I will make the change because I no longer have anything on ISP1.

Instead, if I move both the server and the DNS management on ISP2, but keep the domain on ISP1, then I have to go to the ISP1 panel and write the name of the new Name Server, but in this case I will not be able to enter the IP address, but the new hostname.domain.tld.
only when the domain has DNS on the server with Virtualmin I will be able to manage the various records.
Or am I wrong?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Generally, ISPs don’t handle DNS. Most of our users either host DNS on the Virtualmin server itself (and an appropriately configured secondary), or they host it at their domain registrar. I don’t know of any ISPs that offer DNS hosting, but I guess that’s possible, too. Hosting providers often offer DNS hosting with their shared hosting plans, but you’re managing your own shared hosting if you’re using Virtualmin.

But, to be clear: Your ISP does not have to be involved in DNS, and you can host as many domains as you want on a single IP. The only thing that can only have one record is a PTR record (reverse DNS), which maps an IP to a name…an IP can only ever have one PTR record. But, that’s irrelevant. A PTR record can be anything, as long as it resolves back to the same IP. Reverse DNS doesn’t matter at all, as long as it is exists and resolves back and forth, has nothing to do with domains you host in Virtualmin. Only effects how your server is identified by mail servers you send to (but, again, it can be anything, it doesn’t have to be related to any name you host in Virtualmin).

My ISP is Ionos - 1and1.
I buy domains and DNS management for the single domain from them.
From them I can also buy a hosting space or a server solution, from those dedicated to VPS. Once this is done, I must then configure the DNS so that the hosting space or server is used.
If the server is elsewhere, I have to indicate its IP address.
If I want to keep the domain on Ionos and manage the DNS elsewhere I simply need to specify the new name server.
And this is exactly my case: still maintaining the domain on Ionos and using a VPS located elsewhere. On this I would install Virtualmin and let it manage the DNS.
But in this case I have the IP of the new server, while Ionos expects a name server like FQNM, not an IP address.

With Virtualmin, can I configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for outgoing mail?
Can I then configure Spamassasin and Clamav for incoming mail?

I can transfer the two websites with a simple backup, but are there any tools to transfer the contents of the mailboxes?

Yes it does.
Read the docs (who reads docs) and search the forum will answers you queries.
Like read here to use Virtualmin for dns

The term ISP usually means the provider who gives you internet service (access to the internet) not hosting domains and registering domains.

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