DMARC with subdomain for email server

Operating system CentOS Linux 6.7
Webmin version 1.760
Virtualmin version 4.18
Authentic Theme

DMARC Fails using mxTools
using both the sub domain and domain.

Using Webmin, logged into the server I went to

Webmin > Servers > Bind DNS Server > Down under Existing DNS Zones > Click on MASTER Type > Now in Edit Master Zone and DMARC is listed > Click on that

and the record form comes up. into that I put the following record
_dmarc TXT (“v-DMARC1;p=none;”)

We have: —> main domain where DMARC record is set

We are using two servers: —> email server ----> web server

When I go to mxTools and test DMARC for both

DMARC does not pass, it fails.
Is this because of confusion about the sub-domain?
Do I have to put a DMARC record into the sub-domain too?

Also See Post

I can give the full url if it is ok to do so.

Thank you for any help…

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TPN Solutions Peter Knowles, just advised that because I used Webmin, and had not told Bind DNS to reload the record, so the DMARC record was entered but not loaded.

He suggested I use Virtualmin for that because it is for guys like me and not as complex.

Virtualmin > Domain > Server Configuration > DNS Records

Now I can see our DMARC record passes in Returnpath tool

Peter advises that the Dmarc record is not used that much by the other mail servers yet.

Thank you Peter!