DKIM: What goes in DNS record?

I have a VPS using Virtualmin to host a mail server. I am using a separate VPS (also using Virtualmin) as a webserver.

@ points to .xxxx ← IP of webserver points to .yyyy ← IP of mail server
The MX records also point to the mail server, too.

I am trying to set up DKIM.

I have the Virtualmin Milter module set up. When I use the AppMailDev tool, I get the error "DKIM Result: Fail (Bad Signature). I can see the signature portion of the email in the AppMailDev tool.

I read this guide at vpsfix, and it said Virtualmin should add the public key for me…

What am I doing wrong?

Virtualmin can only add it for you, if you’re hosting DNS on the Virtualmin server. If it is hosted with a third party, you’ll need to add the TXT record that Virtualmin generates (and will show you on the DKIM page).

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