DKIM on inbound mail

Hi all,

I’m running VM 4.14.gpl GPL. On that server I’ve got a few domains and they’re all set up with DKIM keys, Postfix sender-dependent tansport maps (each has it’s own public IP). They sign outbound email fine.

What I’m trying to figure out is DKIM signing on inbound email. I see the greylist and DKIM milter in the postifx config, I can tcpdump traffic through the dkim-filter port on localhost so it seems like traffic is going through there on the input side, but there’s no “Authentication-Results:” line being inserted into the header? Spamd is adding DKIM_VALID as part of the spam check so it’s either relying on something or doing a double-dkim check by itself.

This is affecting opendmarc because it wants to see an “Authentication-Results” line as part of the input email.

A pointer to where in the the Mailer->Host:25->Host-Greylist->Host-DKIM->SpamAssassin->Procmail->Delivered chain the header isn’t being added and how to rectify that would be appreciated.