DKIM KeyList breaks when creating a new virtualserver

The way I have virtualmin configured is such that it has no responsibility over DNS. DNS is hosted on an external cluster. I mentioning this as I recall there is a link between Virtualmin DKIM and Virtualmin DNS Bind.

So the problem is that if I ever add a key into the list (/etc/mail/dkim-milter/keys/keylist using the shell it will be removed whenever I add a new virtualhost in virtualmin.

2nd problem. The new virtual host adds a dkim line into the keylist when I’m not expecting it to.

3rd problem. If I add another virtual host then the previous virtual hosts key disappears from the list.

I think this comes down to two things. 1 is my usage is not quite correct. 2 the coding of the DKIM Virtualmin module is a bit suspect in that it takes full control over the file and does not allow any manual keys to be added.

Where am I going wrong with this all?

Kind Regards

Is anyone able to help with this problem atall?