DKIM Key generator, possible to create smaller one?


I wanted to set up a DKIM Key (I suspect it’s not having one that lands all my mail in spam with all major email providers)

However, my DNS hoster does not allow more than 255 characters in his TXT records. His nameservers are limited to 255 apparently.

Is there a workaround for that? Can I generate a shorter one? Google wasn’t my friend on this one. I found ways to “generate” keys online but I don’t exactly trust those myself.

//Edit: Found it. Under EMail Messages -> DomainKeys Identified Mail -> Set key to 1024 (make sure to tick “Force generation of new private key?”

Hope it’s gonna work now.

never seen such a thing but - perhaps change srv provider.

You could also check with anti spam sites like Spamhaus, etc to see if your ip has been blacklisted for some reason and get taken off the lists.

+1 to tripkin - I forgot to mentioned this option… my bad but hes stuff works, its just dns acceptation which is strange… in normal industry you would expect to support the security standards - that is why I did challenge srv hosting change :wink: