Ditching Plesk 12: Please, help needed.

Dear friends,

I would like to get rid of Plesk 12.08 that I have installed on a dedicated server.

I have searched here on the forum for some tips, but the topics I have found are rather old, so I’d like to please ask for some recent information/help.

Is migration from Plesk 12 > Virtualmin still possible?

In your expert advice, what is the best way to proceed in order to avoid conflicts and/or downtime?




Yes, migrating from Plesk 12 should work. To do that, you can go into Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server, and then choose the “Plesk 9+” backup option. You can then use that option to import your Plesk backups.

As far as how to avoid downtime –

My suggestion there would be to import those various backups, and then do lots of testing on all your domains to make sure they’re working properly before making the new server live.

There are likely some tweaks that you would need to do in order to for things to work properly. For example, some dependencies may be installed on your existing server that aren’t currently installed on your new one. Testing should reveal what those are, and then it would be a simple matter of installing those.

If anything with your websites doesn’t go as expected, take a peek in $HOME/logs/error_log to see what the error message is.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the answer, that’s very helpful.

My doubt about possible conflicts is because I should have stated that I own ONE server only.

Is it possible to do this kind of migration on the same server, importing the accounts and then shut Plesk down?

Could there be a problem whilst doing the migration for both systems to run in parallel for a short time?



Well, the recommended way of installing Virtualmin is to run the install.sh script on a freshly installed distro.

It’s not likely to work out well to have both control panels running on the same server.

So unfortunately, that can be tricky when you only have one server to work with.

You could always try setting up Virtualmin in a VirtualBox instance on another system, perhaps even your desktop, just to see what’s involved. That might give you a rough idea of what all you’ll need to do to get your sites working.