Distro Question

What is the reccommended distro? ubuntuy earlier was on the A lsit but i remembe someone remarking their ABI is not always stable. Has the latest ubunmtu LTS version stabilized it’s abi? Otherwise i would assume rock/alma would be the other reccommended along with debian. I like ubuntu myself but i want to go with what virt staff reccommends the most.

I’ll give you the same answer I always give:

The most recent supported version of the distro you are most familiar with.

I, personally, am using Rocky 8 on my deployments, but will soon switch to Rocky 9. If you prefer apt or the larger package selection, Ubuntu LTS 22.04 is the best choice. Ubuntu LTS releases have a longer lifecycle than Debian, and are otherwise very similar. Most of the mistakes Ubuntu has made (IMO) have trickled back into Debian, or will eventually, so there isn’t really a compelling reason to choose Debian over Ubuntu. But, if you’re more familiar with Debian, go for it.

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