Display Quota Bug ???


Actually we have a problem with the display quota mail in the list_users.cgi page

All display quota are good in other web page, but in this page the colonn “mailbox size quota used” are twice of the real quota used :frowning:

Exemple: an user have 4,8 Mo in this mailbox but in the list_userc.cgi page his quota is 9,6Mo

That’s only a display bug because if the user reach the quota, mail is reject.

We use the virtualmin GPL version Version 3.77.gpl, webmin is v 1.500
OS: FreeBSD 7.0

Could you help me to correct the display quota ?

Thank you very much.

PS: In all other module quota display are good, and in all other web page of virtualmin quota display are good, the problem is only on this webpage (list_user.cgi)

It looks like this post is also filed as a bug report here: