Display email server settings in usermin

OS type and version 11
Webmin version 2.013
Usermin version 1.861

With cPanel a user could log into their webmail and get their email server settings. I see this is available as a module in Virtualmin. Could it be added to Usermin?

There are preferences, what settings are you looking for?

I’ve looked but cannot find an option to let a user see what their client configuration options are.

Insofar as cPanel uses Roundcube for webmail, I don’t think that a user can see within Roundcube itself what the email server settings are. Or am I mistaken about this?

I think that Usermin is really intended for end-users who shouldn’t need (or don’t want) to worry about what their email server settings are


I think you can change the log in behavior but Roundcube is not some universal default.

Can you post a screenshot of what you want?

I’ve just checked two end-user webmail accounts that use Roundcube and I can’t see the email server settings anymore

The only reason that I mentioned Roundcube is that I thought that cPanel often uses Roundcube as its webmail

Otherwise, you didn’t specify which webmail you meant

I’ve found it useful to send users to their webmail account. They can cut and paste values. Less chance of screwing it up.

If you have a support web site you can add this info there. ie IMAP, POP and SMTP mail server settings.
If they know there credientials they good to go.

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