Disk Space Usage continually goes up???

Hi - I’ve been noticing my disk space usage keeps going up at quite a rate eventhough I haven’t been adding any content to my websites - it seems all the virtualmin updates seems to take up more space, but it seems a bit much for the increases i’m seeing. It’s gone from 14GB to 15.26GB in the last few weeks. That cant be right, can it? Just trying to think what other reasons there might be for these increases (be they virtualmin reasons or not) as i’m getting close to the 20GB limit on my server.


The space usage you’re seeing shouldn’t be the result of any updates you’re performing.

It’s tough to say what might be using that though, you’d probably need to do a little detective work to find the culprit.

What I typically do to sort out disk space usage issues is to log into the server as root over SSH, to go into the very top level directory (with “cd /”), and then to run this command:

du -sh *

That will show you the disk space usage of all your top-level directories.

Based on that output, I’ll then go into one of those directories, and run the command again. And I’ll keep doing that until I figure out what the culprit is.

Sometimes, it can be the result of having too many backup files. Other times it can be logfile issues. Or perhaps the result of a website creating a bunch of files… however, whatever it happens to be, using “du” can help you track that down.


If available for your Linux distro, the tool ncdu is a nice text-graphical variation for determining which directories take up the most space. I’ve come to like it a lot for this purpose!