Disk Quota module: Filter by name

Webmin 2.111
Debian 12

We have a mix of username styles: older accounts are [first initial][last name] (ex jsmith) while newer accounts are [student number] (ex 123456). Both styles have the full first and last name of the user in the Real Name field.

In the Disk Quota module, if you click the button to bring up the user list, you can see 2 columns: user name and real name. You can scroll through this list using the mouse/cursor keys/scrollbar. At the top, there’s a Filter field where you can enter text.

However, the Filter only searches the username field, it does not filter on the real name field. IOW, this dialog is useless for searching for accounts with numeric usernames.

Would it be possible to update this Filter field to search both the username and real name fields?

Right now, it’s a cumbersome process of searching for their last name in the Disk Quotas module, getting no hits, then going into the Users and Groups module to search by last name, find their numeric username, then go back into Disk Quotas and searching by username.

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