disk quota inconsistency issue


I’m using VM GPL up to date and have a user who some time ago asked for a bump in the disk quota, from the default 1G to 3G. I duly went into VM and upped the limit. The disk usage for that user in a GIS app varies quite a lot up and down. Last night he was trying to install a data file of about 500M with about 2G free. He got a “disk full” error.

I’ve searched this forum for this issue and saw Joe’s request for output from quota and I’ve run the command with and without the -g parameter and the output is below. I see the (apparent?) inconsistency but don’t know either what to make of it or how to proceed. Ideas?


[root@cserver ~]# quota bvmapchat
Disk quotas for user bvmapchat (uid 511):
Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
1048460 1048576 1048576 14815 0 0
[root@cserver ~]# quota -g bvmapchat
Disk quotas for group bvmapchat (gid 506):
Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
1047436 3145728 3145728 14809 0 0
[root@cserver ~]#

The group quota counts everything owned by any user within the virtual server–so any other users in that domain are also contributing to the total usage.

Virtualmin has some finer grained statistics about usage in the Administrative Options menu…click “Disk Usage”. For large accounts, it’ll take a while to load, as it generates all of the stats right then using du.

If that doesn’t give you any clues about who else is using disk space, you could have other files on the filesystem (like logs or tmp files outside of /home, if /home isn’t its own partition) that you could find using find piped into du directly.