Disk quota display in Roundcube


Can i fix this problem throughout virtualmin quota?

What does virtualmin professional include so that i can manage the disk quota?

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What problem?

now i use Virtualmin GPL free and i have problem with disk quota

We cannot read your mind.

What is the problem you have?

I have installed Roundcube Webmail 1.5.3 on an Almalinux Devoct Server: postfix (Virtualmin panel).

The Disk indicator is not showing and from what I have read, the disk usage indicator should be showing by default.

I need to enable the Disk Usage indicator on Roundcube Webmail 1.5.3

This is like pulling teeth, getting any kind of useful question out of you.

Roundcube is not Virtualmin. I have never used Roundcube, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

But, I’ll take a guess: Roundcube can show user quota usage, but it’s not?

So, the one thing I can potentially help you with: Are quotas working in Virtualmin? When you run the config check, did it say user and group quotas are enabled? And, when you look at the users in your domain (under “Edit Users” in the menu), do you see quotas accurately reflected in the UI? Under the columns labeled “Disk quota” and “Quota used”, do you see reasonable values?

If so, your problem is not with quotas or with Virtualmin, but rather with Roundcube.

Do you have quotas enabled on the filesystem?

Thank you Joe, in virtualmin the quota working, in roundcube not working

yes i have the quota enabled on the filesystem

we have veified that when canging quota disco in roundcube the crurrent server Virtualmin can’t get the quota from databse that not working

Quotas are not stored in a database. At least they aren’t for Virtualmin. We read the quotas directly from the system quota management tools (usually quotacheck, but some filesystems use some other tool).

I don’t know what Roundcube does, as we don’t maintain Roundcube, and I don’t use it (I use Usermin for my webmail). I have no familiarity with how it checks quotas. If there are errors in the error_log for the domain we may be able to help troubleshoot it, but it may be a problem you need to take up with the Roundcube folks.

In Virtualmin > Edit Users for the virtual server in question, there should be columns for the users’ quotas ( Disk quota ) and their actual usage ( Quota used ).

Do those columns seem to be accurate?


I think you need quota’s on just the mail system for you to see it in Roundcube. VM only has quota’s on the server it self (I hope thats right).

I don’t know what you mean by “just the mail system”. Presumably the “mail system” is the Virtualmin system?

second comment, “Make sure your mail server is setup with quota support.”
VM quota is for web, mail etc it dosn’t have quotas for mail box sizes for individual users (like you can in cpanel not that I care).
Maybe I’m wrong as I can’t find that.

Ah! That makes it sound like the IMAP server needs quotas enabled for mailboxes. That’s different from disk quotas (this thread is explicitly called “disk quota monitoring in Virtualmin”, which we now see is not at all what the problem is).

I found this: Quota Configuration — Dovecot documentation

Since we use Dovecot in Virtualmin, it seems like using that feature might provide the information Roundcube is looking for. Once again, I don’t know. I have never used Roundcube, and we do not develop or maintain Roundcube. I have no idea how it works.

But, it seems like it’s worth a try.

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I’ve renamed the topic to be accurate, and moved it to General, since it’s not an issue in Virtualmin.

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