Discord App on Android

I have Discord downloaded on my Android phone and was wondering how to join the Virtualmin channel?

I dunno! I didn’t realize there was an app. I’ll have to try it and get back to you. I wonder if it might only support forums hosted by the Discord folks (we host it ourselves)…

Edit: Wait. We’re not using Discord. We’re using Discourse! Different things.

@Joe I think @cyrus is about that app where you can calling or perhaps talking… discord is privacy night mare btw… I wouldn’t go near of it at all.

But, it turns out there is also a Discourse app. I’m installing it now…

no need for any kind of app… just load forums on chrome in your android and then add it to home screen, its just like app :slight_smile: in days of responsive web, apps becoming more old fashion…

Edit, no idea about how apple devices works but really no need for any kind of app… I think on android it will even offer you (the forums it self) to add it to home screen. Virtualmin one does and app have virtualmins logo as well.

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Yeah, the website works well on phones/tablets, which is why I never even looked to see if there was an app.

Anyway, I checked out the app, and it’s just a browser window. No different than viewing it in Chrome or Firefox. Login was a little tricky (same problem as in a regular browser, and it works…just back out when you hit the error page, but next time you hit “connect” you’ll be logged in and can approve the connection. So, it works fine, but I can’t think of any reason to keep an extra app when it acts just like the browser version.

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Exactly… its like with everything even with OSes, always stay close to source - as much as you can :slight_smile: app will get outdated or something would not be compatible with some script which runs perfectly in browser but not on app… then you are in deep dark hole :wink: nah, site works fantastic it self does not need any old fashion app installation.

Oh… OK… thanks. I had Discord on my phone as I follow another setup and it seems to work fine. Will continue to use my browser to follow the latest posts on Virtualmin.

@cyrus but this have nothing to do with Discord and its not compatible with it… its not part of it and its not hosted there. Sorry my friend.