Disappointed! After 20 years

I have had a licenses of 20 years for my servers…
When I sign in this morning I see this !!!

A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license :

It expired yesterday!! Why am I just finding out about it AFTER it expired… .

IS your Email Broken? Can’t you send out notices before it cost me more money !!

I understand a renewal to a new license is not a lot more … but it still money out of my pocket I should not have to spend…

Very Disappointed !!!

There was an announcement made here that talked about licensing after Virtualmin.com was migrated to WordPress: Once more, with feeling! (Virtualmin.com migration attempt again tomorrow afternoon.) - #2 by Joe

I hope that helps.

This is not a problem at all. An expired license will work for at least a week, which is done for the user to have time to re-new it with no hassle.

I understand a renewal to a new license is not a lot more … but it still money out of my pocket I should not have to spend…

It will not cost you anything.

All licenses issued with an old billing system will have to automatically expire, and it is not possible to renew (keep) it. All you should do, is to grab a new license and apply it to your server using the following command:

virtualmin change-license --serial NEW_SERIAL --key NEW_KEY
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There is no difference between renewal cost and a new license. We normalized subscription prices many years ago; that change is not new. When we started offering monthly subscriptions (something like six years ago? maybe more), the price of renewals changed to match the price of initial purchase (but initial purchase prices mostly went down).

Prices have also gone up a little for the smallest licenses (which was announced was coming in 2020, but it took a lot longer to launch the new site than planned). For 10 and 50 domains, the price went up to $7.50 and $10 per month, respectively, from $6 and $9. I think the others are similar to their old prices (100 may have gone up 50 cents, not sure).

During the migration everybody that had licenses expiring got free extensions, so nobody would expire while it was still impossible to buy new licenses.

One of the reasons for moving to the new system is that we will finally have reasonably working email notifications about renewals, expirations, billing problems, etc. And, customers can manage everything about their own subscriptions (cancellations, upgrades and downgrades, etc.).

There are still a few bugs in the system, that Ilia and I are working out as we find them. And, I failed to bring over the old orders/subscriptions and billing info, which sucks. But, I basically ran out of time and money to keep pushing out the change. So, here we are, trying to get everyone over to the new system as quickly as we can.

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I am not AS upset now I see there there is no cost difference …

But still I should have been email before this…


You’re right, and I’m sorry things got chaotic with the migration. I haven’t done a great job communicating in general about the migration and the changes, and our old system was always terrible in the sense that it didn’t really do sensible notifications about billing or anything else.


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