Disabling Plugins increase memory usage

Hi All

While making a fresh installation of virtualmin on my VPS, I was trying to optimize resources, by disabling plugins and noticed that disabling plugin actually increased memory usage.

My VPS has 512 MB of ram, before starting disabling the Ram usage was less than 200 MB (fresh install)

after I disabled some plugins it was almost 500 MB ??

what I disabled is: PROFTPd, mailman, antivirus, antispam, postgreSQL

Does this make any sense ?


Well, disabling plugins in Virtualmin’s Features and Plugins section doesn’t actually stop the service, it just tells Virtualmin not to attempt to use that service as part of Virtualmin.

To stop the service, you can go into Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, and there you can disable services you don’t need.


The “increased” memory usage after disabling the plugins might just be an artifact of your memory being used as file system cache. You might try the free command and see what it reports as “buffer” and “cache”.