Disabling ClamAV (including its 130MB process)

I currently only host a couple of real email accounts on 512MB XEN instance and want to reclaim the ~130MB used by the clamav process.

When I try disabling the two clam processes in the webmin bootup/shutdown list, it says they’ve both been disabled yet their entries in the ‘at boot’ column are unchanged.

No virtual servers are using clam and it has been disabled in the features and plugins section of Virtualmin. I’m using 3.84 GPL on Ubuntu 10.04

I guess I could use update-rc.d to manually stop it booting, but I don’t know if that would have unexpected consequences.


There was a bug in an earlier Webmin version that caused modifications to the startup/shutdown to not work correctly. You may want to verify that you’re using the most recent Webmin version. Upgrading to the most recent Virtualmin wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

However, it’s no problem to remove ClamAV from the startup outside of Webmin/Virtualmin.


Hi Eric,
I’ve just discovered the bug tracker! But silly me for not checking that first / updating to the latest version. The outdated ClamAV issue assigned to Joe hasn’t been updated for a while - any news on that front? Seeing the tracker I now understand how busy you both must be! I’ll update and see if that sorts it.

As always, your support for this excellent free product is greatly appreciated.


Well, the issue is the ClamAV likes to complain loudly if it’s not running at the most recent version. You’d see the same problems if you were running Ubuntu or Debian, and using the ClamAV version provided by them.

It just so happens that with CentOS, they don’t provide a ClamAV version, so Virtualmin packages one up for that distro. A new version of Clam is packaged up every few months.

Which distro is it that you’re using?

In general though, it’s okay to ignore that outdated message, ClamAV is still working well.