Disable Website problem.


I have many domains and my system auto block the domain. But when i block the website, virtualmin shows correctly the Disabled Page. But next day no show Nothing, appear like the website no exists.

Look example: http://ailtongomes.com.br/, this domain i Block now.

And this domain: http://antoniolimaimoveis.com.br/ is aready blocked, but no shows nothing.

In my domain registration, the whois show the status like this:
“status DNS: 29/10/2012 QREFUSED” -

QREFUSED - Search Refused
The DNS server refused to send domain information system.

I try to find some configuration in virtualmin and webmin but nothing.

In google chrome shows this error:

The webpage at http://antoniolimaimoveis.com.br/ may be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 137 (net :: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

Any idea??



My suspicion here is that you have Virtualmin configured to not only disable the website, but also the DNS zone, when disabling a domain.

As long as the IP address for the site is still in nameserver caches, fetching the “disabled” page works. But as soon as the IP times out from caches, you’ll get the errors you observed.

To have it continue serving the domain, here with a “disabled” page, you need to go to “System Settings / Virtualmin Configuration”, and in the box “Features to deactivate when disabling” de-select “DNS”.

U save my life, i think is really i want. i will try, thanks.

Thank you