Disable SSH access for admin user of virtual server...

When i create a new virtualserver, i dont want that a new ssh login is created, i just want my default connection and not for every virtualserver. how can i do? thanks


you can set the default shell in the server template, you can also add them to the deniedusers group automatically. You probably want to give /bin/false for ftp access and not ssh access

Is there any other way of doing this? In cPanel it can be configured in Packages. I can’t find option to turn on/off SSH access for users in package configuration.

What ronald wrote there over a year ago is still correct. :slight_smile: If you don’t want new virtual server owners to have SSH access, just set the default shell for admin (in System Customization / Custom Shells) to /bin/false.

What kind of access (mail and/or FTP and/or SSH) a user has in Virtualmin is determined by the shell they get assigned.

For existing virtual server owners, you can configure that under Administration Options / Server Owner Limits / Other restrictions. For additional users, under Edit Mail and FTP Users / {User} / Other user permissions.

Goto Webmin > Servers > SSH Server > Access control

Enjoy, Andy

Thanks! But I believe interface is little bit confusing. It is not obvious where I should check - is it enough just to choose users, whom I would like to grand ssh access from the right, and leave check in tact or should I also uncheck against all? I have attached screenshot.

I have switched from cPanel and working with Vurtialmin for several days. Noting that it generally gives comparatively more flexibility of options and possibilities, have to state, that its interface is far from calling it intuitive. Don’t take it to the heart, but it is a mess up for new users, actually.

It’s enough to just define certain users, I’ve done this on my servers and it works as it should, users not listed cannot log in.

Working with any new interface is always difficult, but virtualmin has been a very powerful one for what I need. I used to use Plesk (and nearly threw a server with cPanel installed against the wall, I wasn’t too happy with it…) My advice, setup a VM, install the GPL and have a fiddle about, if you break it, eh, you know what not to do next time :wink: