disable MX authority?

hi -

is there any way with a virtual-server to totally disable any local MX authority?

in other words, when i go to a “dig” website such as http://www.geektools.com/digtool.php, i get a correct answer, but on my server at the command-line, i get an incorrect “dig” response.

i could go in and fix all the virtual-servers, but i am hoping there is an easier way.

basically, i want to be able to say ““server, DONT look locally for this domain MX authority, go out to the web and find it there…””

i might try just manually removing MX records, but i am guessing there is a better way!

sorry for the brain-dead question - its been a bad week…


The way you word your question makes it sound like you’re hosting DNS at a third party.

If that’s the case – the best way to solve your problem is to tell Virtualmin that it’s not the DNS provide… then a local DNS lookup and remote DNS lookup would both return the same results.

To do that, you can go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and disable the BIND DNS Domain feature.


hosting a third party? but i was never even invited to the first two. (sorry but i could not resist)

it sounds as if this option globally disables the BIND-DNS option, and not just for this one server?