Disable free disk space errors for other users

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04
Virtualmin version 6.17.pro-3

We are using ZFS for our vmin pro servers home dirs. Vmin sees each users home dir / dataset as an individual disk and when a user uses up all their free space or inodes, normal (non admin) users are shown disk space errors on the vmin system information page even when it is not their home dir that is full. How can I stop vmin showing these errors to other users? It should only show these errors to the user it applies to and/or the master admin.

Also, is there a way to batch create (and remove/archive) new vmin users and domains? I wrote a script to do this but it seems like something vmin should have integrated support for but I can’t find it if it does?

I’ve opened a gh ticket for the disk space errors:

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