Disable dashboard page in webmin

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Is it possible to disable the dashboard(system information) page in Webmin?
I only installed Webmin, not Virtualmin.
I have used the Module redirect option in Index page options, but i want to disable/hide the page totally.

Im trying to create a very simple GUI for users with only necessary info


under Theme configuration General Defaults (I think if you change the settings there you can get the same effect somehow) But, honestly, why would anyone want to.
And why install Webmin and not Virtualmin (is that even possible or even advisable)?

Information to the dashboard is pushed by various modules. This process is controlled via modules configuration page, an via module ACL control, i.e. in Webmin Users page.

If you want to completely hide Dashboard switch from the left navigation menu, then it is not possible.

thanks for the response.


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