Disable creation of domains and subdomains

Hello everybody

First of all thanks, Virtualmin is great.

Now I have the problem, that my little server is going full. But there are other server, where my friends can add their domains. I want to disable the creation of this server, so they have to log in to the other server and add their things.

Any idea how to make this?

Thanks for your replies!


For each domain you wish to limit – if you go into Administrative Options -> Edit Owner Limits, in the “Virtualmin limits for server owner” screen, you can set “Maximum allowed virtual servers” to “Cannot create”.


Thanks for your reply.
Looks helpful, but, this option is already set. oO
I tried to set it manually (to rebuild config in case) to “Unlimited” -> Save, then back to “Cannot create” -> Save, but that doesn’t help. I tried also set option “At Most” to 1, but I’m still able to create a subdomain (in virtualmin called subserver).
Maybe because I’m logged in as root? I’ve attached my config in a screenshot.

Ah, yeah, that’s the problem – while you can indeed limit the Virtual Server owner from creating domains, you can’t prevent the root user from creating them.

It’s generally assumed that the root user is the owner of the server, and should be able to do anything they want.

So the key would be to limit who has access to the root user account – and to make sure anyone using it knows to not create domains on this server :slight_smile:


Ok, then everything is clear :slight_smile: Makes sense.

Thanks for your help.