Directory modified monitoring issue (maybe a bug)

I have a server dedicated to monitoring services (Debian running Webmin) and I have a monitor (System and Server Status) setup to check the root directory of several other servers to ensure that the root directory hasn’t been modified (have the servers added to webmin and logging in using webmin username and password).

It does not appear to detect that this directory has been modified on remote servers. But if I modify the local root directory on the monitor server I do get my notification.

It appears to be working now. Strange

It may have been a bug at the time, it’s possible that the newer Virtualmin version corrected that.

I’ll offer the same advice here though – I wouldn’t advise marking your posts as private, that greatly restricts how many people can see it.


I marked the post as private as there was not a clear and concise way to mark it as corrected or solved and I didn’t want it spamming the general users.

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Thanks for a wonderful produc Eric.