Direct URL to Virtual Server


I have installed the software with no problems and a very simple program and I love it.

I was wondering if you don’t have a Domain Name setup right away when you create a “Virtual Server” and you want to view the uploaded files. Is there away you can view them? Like: http://IpAddress/~domain instead or, like a direct path.



you can click "view website via webmin" under services if you have the pro version (thus not the gpl)

I have the gpl version… So I am guessing I cannot do this?

no not the way you want it.

However you can create a sub-server of a working and existing domain and even create it as a top level server with its own login.
This way you can work with it as and rename it when you do have registered a name.

if you have ‘’ on your server now then create a new top level server called ‘

and that will work

this too ‘http://IpAddress/~domain’ but it’s not greatly supported and you need mod_vhost i believe. I wouldn’t bother with that unless you really really want to set up hosting like this, which you don’t want.

In addition to what Ronald mentioned, you also have the ability to setup the domain name in the hosts file on your desktop. On Linux, for example, if you add this into /etc/hosts:


You could then fire up a browser and go to your domain in question. Then, once your domain name and DNS are working, you’d just remove that entry.

There’s a way to do that in Windows too, I think Windows computers use an lmhosts file. I’m not too familiar with that, you might have to Google “Windows lmhosts” unless someone else pipes up with how to do that :wink:

There's a way to do that in Windows too, I think Windows computers use an lmhosts file

directory: c-windows-system32-drivers-etc
the file is also called: hosts

Thank you for the information, I think I am going to wait for the domain name to transfer over but let the client upload his information to the server - Well my friend.