Different services on different servers: How? Virtualmin/Webmin/Cloudmin?


I am not really new to webmin nor virtualmin, but since I’m not sure where this topic fits better, I place it here. Please, moderators, move it if necesary.

I need install a low budget fail proof and (as much as possible) secure servers for my personal projects. Since I have some private customers and I do my own developments on the same server, sometimes, a fault playing in a development, or during an system update/upgrade, some important services (dns/mx basically) goes down for some time. I use virtualmin/webmin and I should say I’m pretty impressed on how well it works and performs all tasks.

The idea is to have my primary dns server and mail server into a VPS completely isolated from the other services (web/ftp/etc) but, at the same time maintain, it possible, the virtualmin/webmin interface.

Does it is possible? How can I archieve this??

Thank you very much in advance.

When I say maintain the same virtualmin interface I mean to be able to setup a new domain and automatically to have its mail.newdomain.com and ns.newdomain.com pointing to one server (and up the services) and the other services on the second server.

I would install openvz on your server and then create a container for your customers and one for yourself. This way you keep everything separated. You can also shut down your container if you don’t need it. The performance penalty for Openvz is minimal. And you can also easily backup and/or live migrate your containers to other servers. (and so on)