Different IP for a virtual Server

Hi everybody,

I search how can i put a different ip (one of my shared ip free) on a virtual server? it’s possible? trought virtualmin?


So change the IP address of a Virtual Server – you can go into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.

From there, you can set a private address for just that domain (frequently used for SSL), or you can select a shared IP address.

If you’re looking to add a shared IP address to Virtualmin – you can tell Virtualmin about it by going into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Address, and adding your shared IP there.


Thanks andrey,

I know that you said, but i made a mistake. I want to make a different ip for an alias.

It’s possible?

The alias domain is not in the virtual server list when you go to Server configuration > Change IP address.

Sorry, it’s not possible to have a different IP for an alias. The idea with an alias is that it’s identical to the parent in every way but the name itself.


@ricks: What would be your intention for having a different IP address on an alias server? Maybe when we know your motivation we can come up with an alternative suggestion. :slight_smile:


i have a magento shop, i have made it multi domain / multi language shop. And now i just want a deutsch ip addres for my deutsch store, a spanish ip address for our spanish store…

Any solution?


Does magento require separate IP addresses for its multi language installation? I would rather think that it can differentiate the languages through the requested hostname, like “de.myshop.com” and “en.myshop.com”, even if they map to the same IP address.

Yes i know this thing… My website come true on selected laguage if you type .de or .fr etc… But to optimize SEO i need to put an IPfor each country store…

Anybody can’t reply me?

I don’t know of a way you could do that with a single Magento store and Virtualmin. I think you’re going to have to create individual Virtual Servers for each store that should have it’s own IP address, and setup a Magento on each of those Virtual Servers.